Welcome to Better, More Affordable Healthcare!

Our practice has adopted a simplified healthcare model called Direct Primary Care, where a patient pays a low monthly membership fee in exchange for unrestricted access to a full range of primary care services.

In order to provide the best, possible healthcare, we have opted out of working with health insurance companies. Providers work directly with their patients, without the interference of insurance regulations and restrictions, to decide on the best plan of care for each individual. 

Patients have significantly more time with their providers, increased access to care, no co-pays or hidden fees, and pay far less for labs, medications, and diagnostics tests - just to name a few benefits. 


Family Physicians of St. Joseph welcomes and serves all patients -

we look forward to caring for you! 

COVID-19 Information

For the most current updates, please refer to the following webpage:


The pandemic remains a constantly evolving medical and social disruption for our community. As of November 29th, we continue to see rising numbers of cases of COVID-19 in Berrien County:
Berrien County Covid-19 Dashboard


We will continue to update you as to the changing medical data and recommendations, local healthcare protocols, and how we at Family Physicians of St Joseph will provide medical services during this challenging time.

Family Physicians of St Joseph Clinic Updates


In accordance with CDC, state of Michigan, and Berrien County health department guidelines, we will be offering many of our appointments via our telemedicine service to adhere to social distancing protocols. Non-urgent procedures have been rescheduled for a later date. Our clinic hours will vary so we ask our patients to CALL US PRIOR TO ARRIVAL if you will be picking up medications or prescriptions.



You are our top priority. Please call our clinic and utilize our Spruce and Passport services. We are happy to discuss any questions or concerns you have at this time.



Please stay on all current medications prescribed by your doctor. There is a great deal of misinformation spreading across social media this week, especially regarding medications. We strongly urge you to discuss any potential medication changes or concerns with your physician before making any adjustments on your own.

With Coronavirus now circulating in our community, it is important that you be prepared in case you become sick. 


Many people who contract COVID-19 will develop mild symptoms that can and should be managed at home, which helps prevent further spread of illness. Testing for COVID-19 is currently NOT advised if you have mild symptoms. If you do become ill, please be sure to CALL US FOR ASSESSMENT AND FURTHER INSTRUCTIONS. 


It is imperative that we all do our part to minimize spread, and conserve resources for the more critically ill, and those who are caring for them in the hospitals. 


Per the CDC, we urge patients to self-quarantine as soon as cold or flu symptoms appear. Please call us to discuss your symptoms. We recommend that patients stay home for at least 7 days following symptom development and limit your contact with others. Dedicate a "sick room" in your home and limit contact with family members. Self-isolation procedures are maintained until you meet ALL three criteria:

  • 72 hours fever-free WITHOUT the assistance of medications like Tylenol

  • Symptoms such as shortness of breath and cough have improved

  • It has been 7 days since symptoms first appeared

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Online Resources To Help Ease Isolation:

We realize that this period of social isolation is difficult for all of us, but may be even more difficult for those with certain conditions and stressors. In an effort to help maintain health and wellness during this period of stress and uncertainty, here are some ideas for individuals and families to stay connected and engaged with our community


  • Fitness Opportunities:

  • YMCA ON-Demand Exercise and Youth Programs, free for all. YMCA 360

  • Orangetheory At Home, equipment-free classes. OrangeTheory Daily Class

  • PopSugarFitness on YouTube. Extensive library of free classes, from beginner to advanced. PopSugarFitness

  • Yoga with Adriene on YouTube. Yoga With Adriene



  • Take an art class with your kids!

  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems YouTube Channel

  • Art for Kids Hub on YouTube


  • Visit a Zoo!

  • The Cincinnati Zoo offers a daily Home Safari on its Facebook Live feed

  • The Georgia Aquarium has many exhibits to visit through their live cam feed.


  • Visit Walt Disney Theme Parks!

  • Ride some of your favorite rides, walk down Main Street, and look out for some of your favorite characters with Disney 360 Virtual Tour


  • Meditation and Mindfulness Resources

  • Headspace is offering free resources to help endure the pandemic. Subscriptions are also available here.

  • Calm is another subscription meditation app that also provides audible stories to assist with sleep. Join here.


  • Listen to Audiobooks on Audible

  • Now FREE for kids and teens during pandemic Audible Stories


  • Host your Book Club on Zoom!

  • Zoom provides video and audio for meetings and other social gatherings. Continue your book club or other social outlet with your friends and family from your couch. Join here!


Have more ideas to share with our FPSJ community? Reply to this email and let us know how you are staying connected during this time!


The University of Michigan shared a blog post that explains why taking strong steps to slow the spread of coronavirus is important.

We thank you for your patience and cooperation as we continue to gather information on a daily basis. We will keep you updated with the best available information to keep our community healthy and safe.

What our patients are saying:

"I love that my doctor can spend extra time with me when I’m in for a visit. I never feel rushed. I also love texting and receiving immediate answers to my questions. To me it’s worth every penny..."                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Shelly G.M.

"Family Physicians of St. Joseph is more than just my "doctor" office, they have become family, and a valuable part of my "life planning" and health maintenance."

                                                                                                                               - David Y.


FPSJ collaborates with the Y!

Did you know that FPSJ has a partnership with both YMCAs of Southwest Michigan?! DPC members who join either the Benton-Harbor/St. Joseph or Niles branches of the YMCA will receive discounted pricing for both facilities; as well as access to wellness education, guided exercise programs, and the overall advantage of shared resources to maximize health and well-being. 

Let us know how we're doing!
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 if you have a story you would like to share about how DPC has improved the quality of your healthcare, we want to hear and share it!
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FPSJ hosts DPC doctor, Dr. Savage, to help explain how and why Direct Primary Care provides better care.
Read all about it:
April 24, 2019

TV station, WSBT-22 produced a piece on our practice.

"The patients WSBT 22 talked with say it's actually been more cost-effective. They said even though they have health insurance, paying a monthly fee is actually less expensive than paying their insurance deductible. 
That’s not the only benefit -- they say this new health care model allows for longer appointments and a more personal relationship with their physician."
September 25, 2018

Pat Moody and local business leaders identified fifteen businesses and organizations that are making a difference in our Southwest Michigan community. We are very excited and humbled to learn that Family Physicians of St. Joseph was one to have been awarded this prestigious recognition.  

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DPC was featured on
NBC's Nightly News.
DPC featured in
American Academy of Family Physicians!
Family Physicians of St. Joseph on abc-57.
 Family Physicians of St. Joseph in HP.
DPC is right for EVERYONE!
For the uninsured: Your primary healthcare needs are met within an affordable and predictable monthly fee. 
For those with high deductible insurance: DPC is the perfect fit. Your outpatient services are comprehensive and you have access to labs, medications and services; keeping out-of-pocket costs to a minimum.
For those with complete insurance coverage: DPC offers convenience of care and increased accessibility through the ability to text, email, call, or Skype/Facetime with your provider. You have the option of longer office visits with minimal wait times. 
For the Medicare patient: DPC can provide a way to reduce drug costs and allows more time with your provider. Home visits and phone calls can help those who are homebound. You may also find that you can reduce the cost of your supplemental or secondary insurance premiums by choosing a lower cost plan.
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